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Alex Marson | Co-Founder & Director

Tailwind Project Solutions was formed as the market became flooded with a "sheep dip" approach to project management

This doesn’t solve the real challenges that businesses and individuals are experiencing in this ever increasing complex world of project management.

The vision was to hand-pick and work with the very best consultants, trainers and coaches worldwide so that we could really make a difference to our clients, to sit down with them, understand their pain points, what makes them tick, and what is driving their need for support.


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More Female Project Managers Needed

The project manager enters the room and the conversation slowly dies down to nothing, silence, all heads turned to look at this man who is tasked with turning round this failing mega rail project. There is a pause before, spotting the man who by his description is most likely to be the site foreman the …

Adapting to meet a rapidly evolving future

I was reading an article by Glenn Llopis, published by Forbes entitled 6 leadership failures that put your company at risk. In his first paragraph he writes about leadership not recognizing or capitalizing on the need for change in a rapidly evolving marketplace.

Project Happiness

Project Happiness – Cleaning up the fishponds of work place teams I was on my way to a conference in a taxi on Guernsey. The taxi driver asked me what the conference was about. So I told him about The Dandelion Project and Thrive 2020 on Guernsey. The Dandelion Project has a single and clear …