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About Tailwind


Alex Marson | Co-Founder & Director

Tailwind Project Solutions was formed as the market became flooded with a "sheep dip" approach to project management

This doesn’t solve the real challenges that businesses and individuals are experiencing in this ever increasing complex world of project management.

The vision was to hand-pick and work with the very best consultants, trainers and coaches worldwide so that we could really make a difference to our clients, to sit down with them, understand their pain points, what makes them tick, and what is driving their need for support.




Praxis Framework™ Training

Praxis is a community driven Framework which can help you and your organisation realise the intended benefits of projects, programmes and portfolios - keeping stakeholders happy.



Project management services

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The True Value of Change…

The following is an extract from Peter Taylor’s (aka – The Lazy Project Manager) new book ‘How to get Fired at the C-Level: Why mismanaging change is the biggest risk of all’ previous extracts followed a series of 5 Challenges that we believe every organisation should consider, and consider very carefully – and now we will look at …

Peter’s challenging change!!

In his new book – How to get Fired at the C-Level: Why mismanaging change is the biggest risk of all – Peter Taylor challenges the foundations of organisational change, asking if the c-level executives out there are truly ready for change to be successful in their own businesses? You can read more about this …