Purposeful coaching can transform results, effectiveness and, over time, cultures

We have a great team of coaches who are certified to at least PCC (Professional Certified Coach) level with the International Coaching Federation or equivalent, which requires a minimum of 500 hours of professional coaching. They have vast experience in the project, programme & portfolio management space and are also leadership experts, working with such clients as NASA, EDS, IBM, GE.

"Why would top executives of major corporations give up so much of their valuable, limited time for coaching?"

The simple answer is because it is very effective, very quickly makes a difference and is very powerful in its benefits. The best business coaching has dramatic effects on the performance of individuals and therefore on organisational success.

What is our Coaching approach?

Our approach is tailored for the individual, but the typical process looks like this:

Face to face

We'll get to know the individual, establishing the relationship, familiarising the participant with the process and beginning the discussion about development goals.

We then follow on with a series of 45-60 minute phone calls, and this will usually be repeated twice per month for a period of 3, 6 or 9 months.


The discussions during these sessions are confidential between the individual and the Coach. It is important that the individual can speak openly and without fear.

At the end of each session the individual and Coach will agree on next steps to move forward. Only general, short and non-disclosing notations are documented on a Coach's time tracking report.

Next steps

At the end of the programme, Tailwind send each participant a summary of their notes end to end. At this point, we recommend that the participant meet again with their manager to debrief and review their progress.

Sessions will usually involve working on a blend of both “hard” and “soft” project leadership competencies. Especially at the project manager level, behaviours such as the ability to influence, to develop rapport, build relationships, deal with change and ambiguity and to communicate effectively are crucial to success.


Coaching is only part of the solution. Take a look at our PPM Academy page to learn more about how you can benefit from a robust firm-wide approach to project and program management.



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