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Stakeholder Leadership & Managing Conflict

Stakeholder Leadership

Practical Lessons in Stakeholder Leadership

Stakeholder management, leadership and engagement are arguably some of the most - if not the most important skills that a project manager needs. Every project has numerous stakeholders and each of them have their own expectations, biases and conflicts. Understanding and knowing how to act and deal with different conflict situations is essential for project success.

Who should attend?

  • Anyone involved in managing projects, programmes or even portfolios, but in particular those who are engaging with numerous stakeholders.

  • Project, programme and portfolio managers who are likely to be dealing with conflict situations and involved in negotiations.

Leadership Training

Performance Focus

  • Exploring what factors cause projects to fail

  • Identifying delivery barriers

  • Different ways to engage Stakeholders

  • Different types of conflict & how to deal with conflict situations

  • Investigating what an individual’s natural propensity is towards conflict

  • Conflict and negotiation techniques & tactics for minimizing conflict

1 Day
Start Date
Sep 12,2018
£474 (Incl. VAT)
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