CASE STUDY: Global Project Management Coaching Program

CASE STUDY: Global Project Management Coaching Program

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Coaching is a powerful relationship to help you make immediate and extraordinary progress in your personal and your professional development. It’s a partnership, its an advocacy with support and attention and a coach who is dedicated to your professional growth.  It is not consulting, mentoring, counselling.   Its not like a sports coach or best friend.   Its certainly not therapy or therapy lite.  

Coaching is for healthy motivated functioning professionals looking to grow their capabilities.


Tailwind Project Solutions were commissioned to provide developmental solutions that would enable individuals to apply controls appropriately in pursuit of on-time and on-scope delivery of their projects. Part of this engagement was to provide coaching & mentoring to support personal and professional development across the global project management community.   Our client was having challenges building relationships with the customers at the sponsor level, more than just providing a project status they were looking to strengthen the relationship with the clients at the highest level.

The primary concerns were:

  • To be able to learn how to have difficult conversations and deal with conflict with the customer. This comes from managing the expectations from the sales hand-off (requirement’s, time budget, etc)
  • Needing to negotiate more time/£ for changes not included
  • Learning to say “no”,
  • Managing client assumptions and expectations about what is/is not included in the contract.
  • Managing the stress and pressure of the workload demands/ number of projects, escalations, project problems.
  • Increasing PM knowledge, expertise for their own development and performance as well as credibility to customer and consultant team members.
  • Improving communication skills—although this a broad and often vague topic with a bucket of skills it was translated as building better and more collaborative relationships, coaching and mentoring their project team members, connecting better with others and relating with the team members better.

Here is how we performed…

“Deb was an absolute pleasure to work with and is excellent at what she does, shes a great listener & brings much information to the table. A very helpful exercise”

“Great experience! I appreciate the investment made by our PMO and learned about strategies to change my behaviour to improve outcomes. I was also pleased with the career planning, we created a leadership dashboard that forced me to be critical opinions on leadership and my values”

“I enjoyed having unfiltered conversations about real life challenges with an experienced and polished professional”

“My experience with Tailwind was excellent. My coach was very easy to talk to, and I was able to bounce ideas off of him and his feedback was always good & right on point! It is very nice to have someone to talk to that is not judgemental, and whose only purpose is to help you. He is an excellent listener and was never at a loss on giving good advice, no matter what topic was discussed. I would readily be involved in this program again. I hope this experience will have a lasting effect on me”

“I really enjoyed my time with my coach. We met 5 times over the past few months and each conversation led to more ways to build upon the previous task. She had a way to breakdown the area of focus”

“I worked with my coach for 3 months and we worked on a couple of goals, identified areas I wanted to focus on. I had a really good experience, learned a lot of good things from her, learned some new habits and things to make my life easier as a project manager. It was a very valuable experience”

“I wanted to improve my customer engagement and look to be more outspoken and speak up in situations more, those were the first things I looked at when these opportunities were presented, this coaching has made an enormous difference”

“I achieved so much from my coaching – the one on one time, the ability to take scenarios that I had going on in difficult situations with clients – present to my coach and get feedback and strategies around how I could approach them”

“Its made me a more effective PM, Tailwind gave me tools in managing my day to day work, effectively prioritising the things on my plate on a daily basis, and how to be more proactive in managing projects. I think it made me a better PM.”

“I was very satisfied, I really enjoyed it. Lots of good conversations, ideas and suggestions.”