Purposeful coaching can transform results, effectiveness and,
over time, cultures.

Tailwind Coaching and Mentoring

Our solutions focus on improving project managers’ project performance & productivity by embedding the learnings and knowledge from training;
or if selected as a stand-alone service, by addressing specific project skill targets and behavioural goals.

Many of our engagements work with a mixture of the two skills. Each program is co-designed with you to reflect the organisation’s goals as well as the individual’s unique needs and challenges.

We can help them to become more results-driven, more able to see the bigger picture and able to navigate the various stakeholder relationships with ease.

Our team of coaches/mentors has vast experience in the project, program & portfolio management space, are also leadership experts and accredited coaches.

This gives us the unique advantage of understanding the challenges businesses face both from a project & behavioural perspective.


While our project management Coaching & Mentoring programs can be run as team events, most are typically conducted as 1-2-1 sessions to allow a more honest and open space, resulting in deeper and lasting behavioural changes. 
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Coaching Approach


Do you have people in your organization who are growing weary of the COVID situation and it’s starting to show

We are providing On-demand, bite-sized coaching/mentoring sessions that can be arranged in as little as 24-hours notice, offered as a bundle of sessions to one person or shared among a group. 

Tailwind’s SOS Coaching and Mentoring

20-minute, 40-minute, 60-minute sessions available within 24-hours of contacting us

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