Does your business need a Health Check?


A Project Health-Check is an objective, non-intrusive and independent review of all the key aspects of a project to identify areas of strength and those that need attention
Take your organisation to the next level of project delivery and business results with our Praxis-basedTM enterprise Project Health-Check and PM Environment Assessment.
  • Earlier detection of project issues results in increased project success rates and return on investment.
  • A Project Health Check provides an objective view of where the project is going well, as well as (potentially) going wrong, giving teams a chance to take remedial action to avoid more severe problems down the line.
  • The added level of rigour that independent health-checks provide for high-risk initiatives provide assurance for the executive level that the projects they are investing in are on track to deliver the forecast benefits.  
  • Health checks allow you to capture and resolve issues and non-compliances in a cost-effective way and the learnings can also be applied to future projects.
  • We produce an actionable report with prioritized recommendations and a trend analysis in cases where multiple reviews have been undertaken.

Project Health-Check Steps:

  • 1
  • Schedule
  • Schedule the Health-Check
  • 2
  • Review
  • Review key documents (Vision Statement, Project Charter, Scope, etc)
  • 3
  • Question
  • Ask key questions
  • 4
  • Check
  • Complete the checklist (or survey)
  • 5
  • Document
  • Document and report the results
  • 6
  • Action
  • Determine a plan of action (if needed)
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We were able to ultimately protect the project from the effects of things we knew were issues e.g. “poor communications or poorly managed change”

Bill of Health

“We got a “clean bill of health” for our healthy project!”

Peace of Mind

“We have peace of mind knowing this key initiative had been independently assessed and this has allowed us to reassure our shareholders that we are on track to deliver this quarter”


“You get an unbiased assessment of the health of your project”

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