Senior Change & Project Management Consultant

Anthony has been delivering innovative and ‘current’ change/ business programmes for many years now. After a notable spell in various consulting roles looking at change from both an individual and also organisational perspective – he chose to focus primarily on helping his clients to understand the cultural aspects of communication and people enablement on projects involving any kind of change.
He is a highly accredited practitioner and has supplemented his qualifications in psychological assessment (TTI & Insights D.I.S.C © and Total SDI ©) in order to further understand the impact of motivational engagement.

Lena Stephanie

Senior Project Manager Trainer and Consultant

Lena has delivered training across the Asia Pacific region including China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea & Thailand successfully training thousands of participants.
She has worked across a very diverse range of industries and nationalities and effectively facilitates team activities/exercises to ensure sound conceptual understanding of the various Project Management knowledge areas and processes. 

Peter Taylor

Global PMO Expert & Published Author

Peter is a published author with over 15 books on the topic of project management and leadership. He is a charming & witty presenter travelling the globe – delivering presentations to over 40,000 people and has been dubbed ‘one of the most entertaining and inspiring speakers in the project management world today’.

Chris Howell

Senior Consultant

“I love working with people. I am insatiably fascinated with learning how and why we do things. The more I learn, the more people inspire me with how they cope and master their challenges. As I learn, I have discovered how I can deliver even more value through facilitating and coaching personal and organisation change to a desired outcome.”

Senior Trainer & Project Management Specialist 

Leonardo is our Brazilian senior trainer and professor with over 15 years of experience leading corporate training programs, workshops and MBA/Post-grad courses.  
He is also a project management specialist with over 20 years of experience in various industries including Electronic, Automotive and Mining industries - managing projects, implementing PMOs and methodologies.  

Project & Programme Management Consultant

My background is truly global, having built and managed successful organisations in Europe, Australasia and USA for over 30 years, across every market sector. My approach is therefore based on practical expertise that can be applied “in the real world” rather than theoretical “because it says so in the book”. I am hugely enthusiastic, extremely energetic and have an “entertaining” style – according to my delegates….. Don’t get me started on my insane love of riding my cycle in the high mountains of the world!
Dr Deborah Duarte

Senior Leadership Consultant and Executive Coach

Deborah is an expert with 20 years experience in the areas of organisational strategy & design, leadership/executive development, innovation, project leadership, virtual teaming, and executive coaching.
A world recognised presenter and facilitator, she is certified in numerous leadership, personality and behavioural instruments and has a master level equivalent of ICF.


Project & Process Improvement Consultant

Through his professional career life, Marshal has gained intensive experience in various aspects of the Oil & Gas EPC, Construction and ERP/IT industries. He has executed many multi-hundred-million-dollar projects with stunning control over budget and time.

Susanne Madsen

Project Leadership Coach

“My passion for project management coaching and leadership stems from a powerful AHA moment I experienced when I first received coaching in 2008. Since qualifying as a coach myself, I have been dedicated to helping project managers improve their leadership skills through a combination of training, coaching and mentoring.”
Donnie MacNicol

Senior Leadership Consultant & Published Author

Donnie is an experienced project and programme leader who is passionate about inspiring and developing the leadership capabilities of individuals, teams and organisations to deliver success.  He is a passionate and energetic professional and consummate networker.
Widely recognized as contributing to the 'people and organizational side' of project management thinking, Donnie is much in demand as a consultant, facilitator, trainer, lecturer, speaker and author.

Max Langosco

Senior Project Management Consultant/Trainer

Max graduated in Economics and Business Administration in Rome, Italy. He is a certified PMP® and multi-lingual.

He has spent two decades in International Project Management in the Americas, Europe and the UAE.

Project Management Mentor & Trainer

Our Polish expert – Tadeusz (Tadek), is a motivating leader and executive consultant experienced in managing geographically distributed, multi-disciplinary international Projects and Customer Teams.
Over the past few years, he has been working with executives to facilitate strategy management and organizations’ development as well as driving successful PMO deployments for international Customers.

Eileen Roden

Project and Programme Management Consultant

Eileen is an experienced Project and Programme Management Consultant and Trainer, specialising in the development and delivery of bespoke training and consultancy to help organisations improve their delivery capability.
Her clients come from a range of industry sectors including transport, finance, pharmaceuticals, defence, utilities and the public sector.
Eileen has 15 years of practitioner experience in a variety of project management roles (predominantly PMO management) along with IT and functional HR roles.
Mike Wheatley

Management Consultant

“I have been working in project management for 35 years. Running programmes & projects, advising organisations and providing training. I passionately believe that delivering projects successfully is about people, communication, leadership ..so-called “soft skills”. Helping individuals recognise that these, rather than a PRINCE manual, are the keys… still gives me a buzz.”

Senior Leadership Consultant & Executive Coach

“My work has supported the personal discovery and growth of more than 14,000 people across my time as a leadership behaviourist, workshop leader and coach. And it is founded in the reality of 21 years of corporate engineering and technical management. How grateful I am to have the opportunity to make as Steve Jobs so humbly suggested ‘a small ding in the world’. And there is nothing in the learn

James Haner

Senior Project Management Consultant & Leader

James is a committed and skilled training/consultant.  His energy and broad range of knowledge and experience creates an exceptional learning experience for his students. 
He is the author of three courses as well as a certified Program Management Professional (PgMP®), Project Management Professional (PMP®), Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP®), Agile Certified Practitioner (ACP®), and Scheduling Professional (PMI-SP®) - 2017.  He is a contributing author of four books, including Program Management – A Life Cycle Approach.

Paul Bruno

Senior Project Management Consultant/Trainer

Paul is PMP® & PgMP® accredited and a published author of Project Management in History: The First Jeep® and an ex-trainer for Franklin Covey.

He has a very charismatic personality and his wealth of training experience in the project /programme management and leadership arena backed by 30 years of hands-on experience have made him an extremely popular trainer & consultant.

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