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What did you learn? The key thing was how to adapt how I manage stakeholders as the project progresses. The matrix was particularly useful for formalising the way I think about this
What did you enjoy?Hard to pick something, it was a very useful session. I enjoyed that it was very relatable and practical rather than just based on theory.
What will you apply?I’ve started doing a stakeholder identification etc exercise on a current large project to ensure that I am keeping momentum and buy in from all stakeholders
“The amount of information shared was outstanding considering it was only one-hour long!  Very impressed with the quality of content.”
“Another great webinar!  Thank you so much. I very much enjoy your practical approach that incorporates the latest models and your experience. I hope you saw the thank yous at the end in the chat box!” 
“Nicely packaged for a one-hour webinar, since there is heaps of information and tips on each of the elements. I liked what I have heard on the FLOW and TOTE, and will be looking into that some more. 
“Excellent content...one of the best webinars I have attended...”
“Very interesting information in a one-hour webinar. Lots of actions to think about and to actually put into practice.” 
“Fantastic! and can be very useful in our day to day activities”



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